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About me

I draw since I was very young, when I was 8 years old I spent a lot of time drawing, I thought that with time I would like other things more but the passion for drawing has always stayed with me.

I got a graphics tablet for my 12th birthday, in 2016, a Wacom Intuos, since then I never stopped drawing and started to like digital illustration much more. 

Today I still really want to continue drawing and learn more, so I started my college with that same desire, studying Design. 

I am currently using a Huion Kamva 13 Graphic Tablet, with the Clip Studio Paint application. I am active on social networks posting my work, mainly on Twitter and YouTube, where I post illustrations and videos of the creative processes.

That drawing on the left, by the way, is me with two of my cockatiels. :)








For any reason to contact me, my email is: 

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